Real Talk: What is Love? Baby, define it

What is love?


Among the 23 different definitions offered by, here are a few that stuck:

  1. “A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.”
  2. “sexual passion or desire”
  3. “a term of endearment”

Despite the millions of love songs, poems, and novels accessible through the modern (online) world, we’ve yet to define it in an all encompassing way. As someone in my twenties, quickly encroaching on definite adulthood, that is, one defined by actions rather than age, I want to understand what love is. A love that matters, a love that lasts. Something that most of us, despite our fervent denials, really desire. Since love serves as a basis, or rather a theme throughout “Omega”, I’ve set out to define it…  Because understanding what something is, can be the first step to understanding why we want it as badly as we do. Real Talk: I’m going to help you define love…As best as I can.

It is almost impossible to acknowledge the idea of love without also understanding its multi-faceted nature. In that sense, most love can be categorized in three ways: romantic, platonic, and transcendental. I understand that this last addition might spark some debate, but just hear me out. Without specific parameters, I began my research with a simple question: What is love?

The first person I asked, was my friend *Stephanie, also single and in her twenties.

“What is love? That’s a very deep question I guess. Romance is definitely the first thing that pops in my head when you mention that word. I think the way I see love… is just… When you’re able to be comfortable with someone with how you are and you don’t have to change yourself. Also when you’re not with them you feel this longing, this thinking about a future where you might be… you just naturally start blushing, your heart starts beating… *laughs* I know that’s cheesy. You’re Not afraid to show them off to people, want to introduce them to everyone. Your friends are accepting of them. When there are disagreements, you’re not afraid to state your argument, because you want to work through it. In the end, you’re able to move past that and make the bonding. I’d spoil them *laughs*”.

Without specific guidelines, people could answer however they pleased, thus hitting or missing the three aforementioned categories. Although this generalization may be detrimental in some regards, I found it refreshing to receive different outlooks.

From my jaded 25 year-old friend, “Love is a lie.”

Short, but not necessarily sweet. I pried for a better response, and came to realize that most people’s initial insinuation with the word fell under romantic notions. Whether this was a direct consequence of our media exposure, or just a natural inclination, I’m uncertain. Nonetheless, love as a platonic or transcendental understanding seemed to be a mere mirage throughout the younger demographic. After a prolonged pause, my friend continued, stating that I was among the few people he loved in this world. As a man of few words, and even fewer flings, these words seemed to hold a particular weight. Lasting love, to him, was one of a platonic source. He considered it synonymous with “people he’d die for”, and I came to consider the sometimes melodramatic consequences of this thing we call love. Both a verb and a noun, a subject and an action, it’s meaning seemed as reachable as the stars in the galaxy. Just a glimmering hope. Yet something we seemed to fight almost violently for. Still, there was a sense of lost meaning.

Next, I called my mom. After all, who better to teach about love than the woman who’s offered it unconditionally (even through horrid tween tantrums)? Her response touched on both a platonic and transcendental level. Always religious, she answered in biblical (transcendental) terms, “To me love means patience, understanding, sacrifice (such as time), step out of your comfort zone. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, ‘Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.”

I examined my own relationships. Did I truly love anyone? What defined true?

How many answers lie within the novel? “Omega”, a love story in its own right, seems to cover all three aspects of love as I understand it. Romantically, Alessandra is paired with Adonis. It’s a passionate, pervasive love. In a transcendental and platonic sense, she’s blessed with Herakles, a god-like father-figure. Their love surpasses all time and conflict. While it’s not a definition, the novel is certainly an example for the ways in which we perceive love in all of its difficulties. Therein lies the appeal of romance novels and romantic ballads. Not a definition, but an acknowledgement of a complicated feeling or action. Something desired. Something pervasive. Perhaps, we, a curious crowd, are all contributors to its ever-changing meaning.

Care to share?

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5 Reasons why you need Alessandra

Alessandra, #1, Omega Beginnings Miniseries
Alessandra, #1, Omega Beginnings Miniseries

One of life’s most gratifying experiences is discovering a character that understands your struggles. Fully cognizant of this, we’ve decided to create short character profiles on each of our characters, to help our fans understand why they need our characters. Without further ado, here is part one of our latest installation.

1.She’s someone who emphasizes compassion.

The world needs a heroine driven by compassion rather than one fueled by fear or longing. If heroic characteristics are comparable to fires, heroines like Alessandra burn slowly, but reliably. Her love for her friends surpasses all obstacles, and she allows it to guide her. It’s incredibly easy to give into anger under unfavorable circumstances, but it takes true strength to let things go. As it’s been said before, “Strength comes not from physicality, but through an indomitable will”.

2. She emulates forgiveness.

This isn’t to say that she’s a pushover, but only to acknowledge that she understands the multifaceted characteristics of life. She allows people’s current actions to forgive their past transgressions. It’s something we could all learn from.

3. She lives by love and allows the rest to follow.

Although she craves it, she also understands that love is something that just happens. She doesn’t let past experiences hinder her ability to love fully. How amazing would it be if we were all able to truly let go of the experiences that scar us? She certainly has.

4. She’s broken. 

One of the most refreshing aspects of Alessandra’s personality, is that she’s incredibly self-conscious. She’s most of us at age sixteen- trying to polish her aesthetics, and battle authoritative figures, but mostly, she just doesn’t know. Allowing these flaws gives her character a sense of accessibility, and prevents her from becoming a two dimensional prototype.

5. She trusts.

Some of you might scoff at her naivete and break it down to childish exuberance- the idea that the young feel as if they’re invincible. As much as I respect that idea, I beg to differ. Yes, she trusts the wrong people. Yes, she makes questionable decisions. Yes, she gets burned. These sound like negatives, but it’s really just a matter of perspective. In my eyes, she’s stumbled, but ultimately, she’s lived. How many of us can really say we’ve cast aside our prejudices and worries in favor of experiencing the moments as they come?

Hope you enjoyed part one of our latest installation on characters! Follow us to find out who the next character will be!

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Reading Success with MollietheReader

What time is it? You guessed it! Time for part three of our “Life as a Blogger” series! This week features Mollie Clyne of MollietheReader. The seventeen year old Aussie has been actively reviewing novels since 2014. Here, we discuss her book personality as well as advice for aspiring bloggers!
1) Favorite Book Character?
I have many but I think the one that will always have a special place in my heart is Katniss from the Hunger Games, her courage, independence and bravery inspires me.
2) Most important habits for success:
I think the main thing is to never give up, if you believe you can do it and never give up, there’s a high chance you will succeed!
3) What book resonates the most with you right now?
Probably Girl Online, the main character Penny just really connected with me and her anxiety and blogging really resonated myself.
4) Why you started your blog:
I always loved to review books but I was never really good at IT until I did it in school. I really wanted to reach out to readers and just connect with them books they would like and just talk books more I guess.
5) Advice you have for aspiring reviewers?
Go for it! Don’t hesitate and don’t be scared of rejection because there’s a chance if you try again another time you’ll get it! And have fun!
A passion for literature seems to be the most prevalent concept throughout this series, so remember- live by love and the rest will follow.
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Omega ft. Zodiac

For those of you who find particular interest in the zodiac, you know the importance of understanding the various houses. Since we’re seeking to connect the Zodiac with our beloved “Omega” characters, we’ve decided to pair up the houses and characters below.



Before we begin, it is essential to understand that there are two wheels used for the signs. One is based on the sun’s annual rotation along the Earth. The other, the one we’re focusing on today, is based on the Earth’s 24 hour rotation. Each of these wheels have twelve houses, meant to represent different facets of human existence. As AstroLibrary relays, “The houses are WHERE these energies are most likely to manifest. The houses are the fields of experience, not the experience themselves.”


Without further ado, here are the houses:

  1. House of Self: This house is typically ruled by Mars and associated with the Aries. Mars in the first house can mean an array of things, but mostly points towards stubbornness and impulsiveness. In alignment with Alessandra’s personality, the strong will and ambition present in this house must be kept in check, lest they bring demise.
  2. House of Finance: Typically ruled by Venus and associated with the Taurus. Venus in Taurus indicates loyalty and focus on aesthetics. Appearances are incredibly important, and this could be both a good and bad thing, depending on your spending. Niko’s place in this house is less than shocking, seeing as how financial transactions rule his life.
  3. House of Communication: Ruled by Mercury and associated with the Gemini. Mercury’s association with Gemini suggests a strong focus on curiosity and versatility. Understanding and learning about others through literature, conversation, and travel is incredibly important to understanding one’s self. Herakles is a well-educated individual- in many realms, and he seeks to share this knowledge with Alessandra.
  4. House of Home: Ruled by the Moon and associated with the Cancer. When the moon is in the fourth house, you may find yourself trying hard to hold onto memories of the past. As kind and caring as she is, it only makes sense for Althea to inhabit this house.
  5. House of Creativity and Pleasure: Ruled by the sun, and associated with the Leo. As expected, the sun’s presence in this house fuels a passion for creativity and pleasure. It is important to note, that while this passion is inspirational, it is also powerful, and must be well-directed, lest it become destructive. While Leandra may rub people the wrong way, she’s also an incredibly loyal friend, who takes pleasure in the little things.
  6. House of Labor: Ruled by Mercury and associated with the Virgo. When Mercury aligns with Virgo, there is a clear emphasis on analysis, perfectionism, and precision. It is important to note that practicality reigns this sector. Lantos’ power and prestige came through his hard work, and as a reminder of this sacrifice, he inhabits the House of Labor.
  7. House of Partners: Ruled by Venus and associated with the Libra. Harmony is incredibly important with the alignment of Venus and Libra. If in this house, you shouldn’t dwell upon emotional or difficult experiences. Compromise is a key word. Theodosia is all about maintaining the peace between the Gods and the humans, but if her practical ways fail, she’s willing to get her hands dirty.
  8. House of Entities Owned by a Relationship: Ruled by Pluto and associated with the Scorpio. A sense of purpose can be found when Pluto resides in its natural house, here.  Power is a key word here. Owned by both his relationship with his gargoyle self and Alessandra, Adonis is the epitome of an entity ruled by a relationship. No move is made without keeping those two pairings in mind.
  9. House of Spirituality, Philosophy, and Ethics: Ruled by Jupiter and associated with the Sagittarius. Altruism is an influential factor when Jupiter and Sagittarius are paired. Rationalization, extravagance, and abstraction are key words. Despite his disheveled demeanor, Mismatch makes the most insightful and important revelations throughout the novel, thus earning his place in this house.
  10. House of Prestige: Ruled by Saturn and associated with the Capricorn. The pairing of these two factions reflects an understanding that hard work yields reward. However, this discipline and ambition may make it difficult to balance work and play. Driven by a desire to succeed, Cleon wholeheartedly embraces this house. He is a reminder of the delicate balance between ambition and greed.
  11. House of Community: Ruled by Uranus and associated with the Aquarius. As its natural home, Uranus has its strongest power here. Key characteristics? Independence, friendliness, but also emotional detachment. Kept cognizant by Alessandra and her need to unite the community, Mrs. Nettles serves as a key character in this house. Some might mistake her silence for emotional detachment, but that’s just because they can’t hear her.
  12. House of the Subconscious: Ruled by Neptune and associated with the Pisces. Ruler of the subconscious Pisces, and ruler of the unseen, Neptune work hand in hand in this house. It becomes hard to disconnect from intrinsic purposes in this realm. Specifically in 2015, now that Neptune has returned to its rightful house. Unable to speak due to extenuating circumstances, Phoibe became the queen of the subconscious. Her silence doesn’t taken away from her ability to dream… or scheme.

Stay tuned for the changing of the houses, and let us know what you think about our zodiac series by following us below!

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Zodiac ft. Omega Characters

Zodiac Signs as Depicted by “Omega”

Have you ever wondered why you relate better to some characters over others? Us too! We’ve paired our “Omega” characters with dominating descriptions of their zodiac counterparts in an attempt to shed light on these connections.

  1. Aries- “The Ram” (March 21- April 19), Fire Sign


Three of the main characteristics of an Aries are insight, versatility, and creativity. Like Alessandra, they are driven by a strong will and ambition. Due to this, they are sometimes characterized as overachievers. Although these characteristics can be beneficial, if they’re not kept in check, they can lead to an Aries’ demise.

  1. Taurus- “The Bull” (April 20- May 20)


Strength, determination, and resilience are the three dominating characteristics of a Taurus. Like Niko, the Taurus can be resistant to change. Since the Taurus prefers independence, they can sometimes find themselves unhappy in relationships.

  1. Gemini- “The Twins” (May 21-June 20)


Both versatile and intellectual, Geminis are typically level-headed. As a result of these characteristics, they are natural problem solvers. With the twins as their symbol, it’s no surprise that Geminis can contain a duality in their personalities, making them impossible to read at times. Like Herakles, Geminis are witty and enthusiastic, making them great friends to have around.

  1. Cancer- “The Crab” (June 21-July 22)


Just as a refresher, Althea is Phoibe’s caretaker and defender from the cruel high priestess in the temple. Like Althea, Cancers are fascinated with family, ancestry, and domestic affairs. They love beginnings, which fuels their interest in history. Cancers are tender hearted and feel things deeply, sometimes to catastrophic levels.

  1. Leo- “The Lion” (July 23-August 22)


Three of the dominating characteristics of a Leo are courage, loyalty, and confidence. Like Leandra, their desire to do good may be mistaken for bossiness, but those who know them understand their underlying generosity and loving nature. They are independent, and may be self-centered, but will always aid a friend in need.

  1. Virgo- “The Virgin” (August 23-September 22)


have keen minds, and are delightful to chat with, often convincing others of outlandish tales with ease and charm. Virgo’s are inquisitive and are very skilled at drawing information from people. This trait also makes them naturally intuitive. Can be impatient, self-serving, short-tempered, and highly opinionated

  1. Libra- “The Scales” (September 23-October 22)


Superficiality, diplomacy, and a desire for peace drive the Libra. Like Theodosia, they immerse themselves harmony and beauty, but are willing to take extreme measures to maintain this peace. They are cunning, valuable allies to have on your side.

  1. Scorpio- “The Scorpion” (October 23-November 21)


Scorpions possess an impressive focus that allows them to reach their goals. Like Adonis, they have a magnetic charm and bold personality. However, they are also secretive and strong-willed.

  1. Sagittarius- “The Centaur” (November 22-December 21)


Sagittarius’ have many passions, but if there energy is left unfocused, they will wear themselves out. Like Mismatch, they are results-driven and impatient. If confronted with failure they may resort to extreme methods to right the balance. Although rough around the edges, they are incredibly loyal to their friends and lovers. Despite this loyalty, they may also struggle with commitment.

  1. Capricorn- “The Goat” (December 22- January 19)


Practicality drives the Capricorn’s needs. Born organizers, they follow meaningful, systematic methods to achieve their goals. Perhaps due to upbringing or general nature, they have trouble dealing with opposition and criticism. Like Cleon, they are secretly intuitive.

  1. Aquarius- “ The Water Bearer” (January 20-February 18)

Mrs. Nettles

The best way to describe an Aquarius is unconventional. As loyal, honest, intellectuals, they are born helpers and humanitarians. They make friends incredibly easily, and take great care of them. If left to their own methods, they fall victim to laziness.

  1. Pisces- “The Fish” (February 19- March 20)


Typically an open book, Pisces are quiet, good-natured, sometimes overcautious people. Like Phoibe, these characteristics leave the Pisces vulnerable. Despite their magnetism for ill circumstance, their gentility often makes them the victor of circumstance. Additionally, their passions are irrefutable, and they’re family oriented.

Liked what you read? Follow us below, and stay tuned for more of our “Zodiac ft. Omega” series!

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All the feels with Ohthebookfeels

Welcome to part two of our “Life as a Book Blogger” series! This week features Carmen Seda, of ohthebookfeels. Self described bibliophile and photographer Seda, has been captivating audiences with her insights on books since 2009. In a rapidly changing society, we were curious to hear her thoughts on literature, blogging, and her love of reading- the results are listed below.
1) What was the first book you read that really made you love reading?
Honestly, Twilight!! I used to read when I was younger but then I stopped for a long tome. Then someone introduced me to the Twilight series and it was all up hill from there!
2) If you could be any character from any book, who would you be?
Such a tough question!! I love a strong and independent female lead. I’m currently reading the Throne of Glass series, and I absolutely love Celaena Sardothien!! But if I had to narrow it down, I would choose Tessa Gray from the Infernal Devices. Not only is she strong, smart, and independent, she has Will Herondale and James Carstairs… Need I say more?
3) A color to describe how you feel when you’re reading
Hmmm. I would probably choose blue. It’s such a peaceful amd relaxed color, and whenever I’m reading, I’m in my happy place! 🙂
4) What made you start your blog?
I was always giving my friends book recommendations!! It also got to a point where I wanted to talk about every book I read.. So I thought, why not start a blog? Then I could share my love of books with the world!
5) Any advice for aspiring book bloggers?
Just keep expressing your love for books, and post regularly. Always reach out to others, and converse with your followers 🙂 and KEEP READING!!
One thing we’ve learned from interviewing bloggers, is that passion drives success. Whether you dream of starting your own blog, company, or design, remember to live by love, and the rest will follow. Stay tuned for more insights from our favorite bloggers!


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The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Benjamin of Tomes

Benjamin Alderson, commonly known by his followers as benjaminoftomes, has been influencing readers for years. His passion for books as well as his genuine reviews have helped boost him to fame. Although our interactions have been scattered, he’s never ceased to surprise me. Despite his 10.5 k followers, he’s maintained a sweet, down-to-earth presence throughout our interactions. Below, he shares some of his insights.


1) What was the first book you read that really made you love reading?
When I was younger I did not read very much at all. I found it hard to read during the school year so the only time I got my hands on a book was during the summer holidays. I first fell in love with reading when I read The Hunger Games during one trip to Greece. Then I got home and my friend recommended me The Soul Keepers series by G.P.Ching. That was the series that sparked my love with indie authors. After I finished that series I was introduced into the Caster Chronicle series by Kami Garcia and Margret Stohl and it was that series that really really took my mind and heart and made me a reader.
2) If you could be any character from any book, who would you be?
This is one of my favourite questions ever. I believe I would love to be a character from the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan, I would love to be a witch and have control of many different powers and magic…….. I think its time to re read this series!
3) A color to describe how you feel when you’re reading
LIGHT GREEN. This is because green is my favourite colour and when I imagine the books in my head the setting always has a green tint. Almost like a filter.
4) What made you start your blog?
The want to connect to readers as in my personal life i only knew of one and I wanted to make friends and have fun which centred around books.
5) Any advice for aspiring book bloggers?
Be yourself. I don’t like the idea of giving ‘rules or guidelines’ to new bloggers. Just be yourself, be kind and respectful to others opinions and have lots of fun.
Stay tuned for his review of  “Omega”, and  more information on life as a book blogger!
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10 signs that you’re the Mismatch of your friend group

We’re back with Part Two of our Identity Series… Will you find some commonalities with Mismatch? Read more to find out!

10 Signs that you’re the Mismatch of your friend group

  1. Some might say you’re a little… intense.

Whether it be your looks, your mannerisms, or your general demeanor, your presence demands attention. People might find you intimidating at times, but your friends know that you always have their best interest in mind.

  1. When your friends are in trouble, you’re the first person they call.

Intense? Yes. Broody? Sometimes. Reliable? Always. You may not be able to fly, but your friends can always count on you to whisk them away when the going gets tough.

  1. You’re not afraid to be blunt

Sure, you don’t mind rescuing your friends every once in a while, but you know when to draw the line. You assist, not coddle. So in a way, you’re really just a multi-faceted hero. De nada.

  1. You have an unexpected side…

Sure, not all of us have the ability to transform into a mythological creature come nightfall, but what you lack in physical transformation, you make up for in personality. Am I insinuating a split personality? OF COURSE NOT. Simply put, you may come on strong, but your heart is where it’s really at.

  1. You’re old fashioned.

You know how you like things done, and that’s the traditional way. This doesn’t mean you’re unwilling to bend given the circumstances, only that you’re confident in your answers.

  1. Love…it can be complicated.

You’re either in a deeply committed relationship, or experiencing a bout of solitude. Either way, you live in extremes.

  1. You’re incredibly sarcastic

Sure, sometimes people might get offended. But who wants to be friends with people without a sense of humor anyway?

  1. Your friendships have unconventional beginnings

We’ve all been there: former nemesis turned best friend, lover turned confidante, stuffed animal turned counselor… Okay, so maybe not the latter, but you get the point. Beginnings aside, you know that it’s the actual content that matters.

  1. You’re a hardworking, but patient individual.

Lots of people say they’re results-driven, but you put in the work to make that possible.

Whether it be on a tough project at school, or a faltering relationship, you’re willing to wait for results- but not without putting some time in first.

  1. You’re stunning.

Your looks turn heads, but your personality is what keeps them around.

Every friend group needs their fighter, and that’s you! 10/10 on providing some much needed diversity.

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10 signs you’re the Phoibe of your friend group

One of the most rewarding aspects of reading, is the idea of a temporary escape. Whether you’re working or in school, we all experience moments where we need a break. Reading has the power to take us to different worlds, and emerge as changed individuals. However, as magical as reading can be, it can’t replicate the true joy that comes from spending time with your friends. In “Omega”, our heroine Alessandra learns the importance of curating her friend group. They say that the five most important people in your life can dictate who you are as an individual. That being said, we’d like to express that the best kinds of friend groups, are diverse friend groups.

As amazing as it is to share your thoughts and experiences with like-minded individuals, it’s also important to have people in your life who can offer different perspectives. Without further ado, here’s part one of our Identity series.

Continue reading “10 signs you’re the Phoibe of your friend group”

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It’s Here! Mismatch Inspired Playlist “Mismatched for Mismatch”

Whether or not you’ve read the book, one thing most fans can agree on is that Mismatch is one of the more complicated characters. From his curse to his time spent as an inanimate gargoyle, he’s seen a lot. I wanted to create a playlist that embodied the timelessness and struggle, as well as his loving personality. So without further ado, here it is! Tag us or comment below to let us know what you think! Happy fanning!

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