The Oracle of Delphi is Ticked!

The Oracle of Delphi is a famous, yet mysterious figure. Appearing in both ancient history and pop culture, this person (actually, a series of women) is gifted with the power to foresee events. However, in Lizzy Ford’s Omega saga, the oracles are much more complex and badass!

For example, in Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series, the Oracle of Delphi is a human girl who receives her prophetic power from the Greek god of prophesies, Apollo. However, Lizzy’s Omega oracles are earth-bound goddesses who derive power from our world and are as powerful as any Olympic god.

In The Matrix movies, the Oracle is portrayed as a cigarette-smoking, cookie-baking homemaker/computer program. In the Omega saga, one of the oracles is a human quantum computer, capable of running thousands of possibilities and probabilities in the blink of an eye and then interfering to make the outcomes more favorable.

In the films Immortals (2011) and The Scorpion King (2002), the oracles lose their foresight if they engage in sexual relations. (As a side note, ancient history suggests this particular limitation was a clever rumor started by Delphic oracles to protect themselves from being violated.) However, this is not a limitation (so far) for the Omega oracles.

In fact, the Omega oracles have very few in-born limitations even though they have been victimized for millennia by gods and humans alike who want to access the oracles’ powers. The suffering the Omega oracles contend with is beyond description. Well, actually, Lizzy describes it in Omega and Shadow Titan, and when you read about it, I suggest your brace yourself. These ladies have some righteous vengeance to hand down.

The only problem is the Oracle of Delphi might destroy the entire world in order to mete out revenge. Although, after reading Shadow Titan and learning how the oracles have been abused and tortured, I think maybe a little end-of-world action needs to happen.  So I’m really looking forward to the People’s Champion episode, and of course, Theta, to find out what the Oracle of Delphi’s plan is to lay waste to her enemies!

Also, here’s a treat for those of you who are as demographically challenged as I am. For the life of me, I couldn’t picture where Delphi was located in relation to D.C. where the Oracle of Delphi is housed in the Omega saga. So I decided to use Google Maps to get a picture…here you go!

~ Amanda, Rabid Readerdc_delphi_map


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