New Release: “Shadow Titan” (#3, Theta Beginnings Miniseries)

The third installment of the Theta Beginnings Miniseries is now here and FREE! (Kindle readers please note: Amazon has been slow to make books free, but the Kindle version is available from Smashwords! Links below!)

Shadow Titan (#3, Theta Beginnings Miniseries)

Shadow Titan

Lantos, the demigod son of a Titan, is left stranded in a forest during the attacks that are wiping out humanity. Unable to access his magic, he is helped by two unlikely allies, including one woman whose agenda is too hidden for even the master of secrets to decipher. But soon, those secrets are revealed to him, and he begins to wish he’d never met the enigmatic woman who gives him the keys to the dangerous double omega prophecy.

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Free on all platforms except Amazon. Kindle version is free from Smashwords!

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