Meet the Goddess Artemis

Meet the Goddess Artemis:
Her Role in Omega and Omega Beginnings Miniseries

In Omega and Omega Beginnings Miniseries, Artemis is a woodswomen, huntress and the patroness of girls in trouble. She is also a busy, busy bee because…well…there are girls in trouble! Specifically, two young women:  Alessandra, the Oracle of Delphi and Phoibe, Queen of Greece. Both of them are screwed without this goddess on their side…

If you’ve read Omega and all eight episodes of the miniseries like I did last year, you may have noticed the goddess steering major events for many of the characters. I’m not sure if Artemis puts this much effort into safeguarding every little girl who runs into trouble, but if so, I tip my hat to her endurance. However, she has compelling reasons to save these two: One, Artemis knows Alessandra is fated to save humanity. And two, she knows Phoibe is the keeper of the Bloodline.

While Lizzy spoils us readers by giving us eight distinct points of view in the Omega Beginnings Miniseries, one perspective we didn’t get to read about is Artemis’. I wonder what motivates this goddess. I also wonder, when the time comes, will Alessandra and Phoibe stand with Artemis?

~ Amanda, Rabid Reader

Discussion questions for other Rabid Readers infected with the Omega and Omega Beginnings Miniseries bug (includes spoilers!):

  1. In Mismatch, the grotesque assumes Artemis will turn him back into stone if she finds out he is awake. However, in Phoibe, the crown princess thinks Mismatch is sent to her by Artemis as the answer to her prayers. What do you think…does Artemis know Mismatch is alive or not?
  2. The High Priestess, before her plunging death in Phoibe, treated Princess Phoibe abominably. In Theodocia, Dosy observes other priestesses acting with selfish and ambitious interests. Since Artemis allies with Dosy and Lantos (two outsiders) to safeguard the princess, what do you think is going on inside the Temple of Artemis? Why doesn’t Artemis get her house in order?
  3.  In Lantos, the demigod assumes Artemis is unaware of Alessandra’s existence, so he doesn’t ask the goddess for help finding the little Oracle. Why do you think Artemis keeps him in the dark about what she knows?
  4. According to Herakles, Artemis led her priests to the Olympian so that Alessandra can be raised learning the Old Ways. Why do you think Artemis wants Alessandra to learn the Old Ways, as opposed to the accepted religious teachings of the gods?

Have fun reading and discussing!

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