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Order “Omega” from your local bookstore!

“Omega” and “Omega Beginnings Miniseries” are both available on order from your local bookstore (or library!) as well as from Amazon.

Theta Beginnings Miniseries has launched!

“Theta Beginnings Miniseries” has launched! March-June, a new novelette will be launched each month leading up to the release of “Theta!”

Omega ebook review copies available

“Omega” ebook review copies are now available exclusively from NetGalley. Click on the book below to be taken to NetGalley!

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Theta Beginnings Miniseries is here!!

The Omega Series saga returns. As with the Omega Beginnings Miniseries in 2015, the Theta Beginnings Miniseries precedes, “Theta,” the second main book in the series! Need to catch up? You can grab “Omega” and the “Omega Beginnings Miniseries” from your favorite ebook library and/or on order from your local book store!

“Silent Queen” is available from: AmazonAmazon UKBNiBooksKoboSmashie!

Silent Queen (#1, Theta Beginnings Miniseries)

Red satin ribbon curling over black background.
Red satin ribbon curling over black background.

Novelette. On the night of Crown Princess Phoibe’s coronation in New York, she is granted two guardians to assist her reign from among the many gods and goddesses in the Greek pantheon. Artemis, as expected, remains her fervent protector, but the identity of her second guardian is an unsettling omen of what is to come. His sudden involvement in her life marks dramatic change not only for her, but for the world.

No sooner is her new protector appointed than the longstanding peace between humanity and gods is shattered. The fourteen-year-old Queen of Greece faces a grim reality: there may be no one left alive to stop the gods from destroying everyone, if she doesn’t turn to her unwanted protector for help.

The Theta Beginnings Miniseries occurs five years before “Omega.”

Available from: AmazonAmazon UKBNiBooksKoboSmashie!

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