Daily Inspiration

Happy Friday! I hope this post finds you well, and as usual, I’m sending a million good vibes to you and every fan!  I know that Fridays can be a bit overwhelming, espcially if you’ve already had a crazy week. To combat this, I’ve decided to provide some daily inspiration.

Today’s topic is courage in the face of failure. In “Omega”, the protagonist Alessandra is faced with the near impossible task of uniting humans and the Gods in wartime. Unlike most heroines in dystopian novels, Alessandra is pretty oblivious to the destruction that occurs outside of her assigned campsite. However, despite this lack of insight, she manages to utilize her experiences to help others as much as possible. However, this isn’t to say that she succeeds in every endeavor. Without giving too much away, it’s important to note that Alessandra’s success isn’t defined by her tangible victories, but rather from the lessons she learns along the way.

How does this translate into real life? I’d like to pare her lessons down into two short quotes:

“Success is never final, and failure is never fatal. It’s the courage that counts” -John Wooden

“Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn” – Unknown

Sure, we’re not all fighting for unity between Gods and men, but we are all fighting our own personal battles. And you can’t win them all. But that doesn’t mean you don’t gain anything from your mistakes. So here’s to shifting perspectives and preparing for future victories: You can do it. Don’t give up!

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