5 Reasons why you need Alessandra

Alessandra, #1, Omega Beginnings Miniseries
Alessandra, #1, Omega Beginnings Miniseries

One of life’s most gratifying experiences is discovering a character that understands your struggles. Fully cognizant of this, we’ve decided to create short character profiles on each of our characters, to help our fans understand why they need our characters. Without further ado, here is part one of our latest installation.

1.She’s someone who emphasizes compassion.

The world needs a heroine driven by compassion rather than one fueled by fear or longing. If heroic characteristics are comparable to fires, heroines like Alessandra burn slowly, but reliably. Her love for her friends surpasses all obstacles, and she allows it to guide her. It’s incredibly easy to give into anger under unfavorable circumstances, but it takes true strength to let things go. As it’s been said before, “Strength comes not from physicality, but through an indomitable will”.

2. She emulates forgiveness.

This isn’t to say that she’s a pushover, but only to acknowledge that she understands the multifaceted characteristics of life. She allows people’s current actions to forgive their past transgressions. It’s something we could all learn from.

3. She lives by love and allows the rest to follow.

Although she craves it, she also understands that love is something that just happens. She doesn’t let past experiences hinder her ability to love fully. How amazing would it be if we were all able to truly let go of the experiences that scar us? She certainly has.

4. She’s broken. 

One of the most refreshing aspects of Alessandra’s personality, is that she’s incredibly self-conscious. She’s most of us at age sixteen- trying to polish her aesthetics, and battle authoritative figures, but mostly, she just doesn’t know. Allowing these flaws gives her character a sense of accessibility, and prevents her from becoming a two dimensional prototype.

5. She trusts.

Some of you might scoff at her naivete and break it down to childish exuberance- the idea that the young feel as if they’re invincible. As much as I respect that idea, I beg to differ. Yes, she trusts the wrong people. Yes, she makes questionable decisions. Yes, she gets burned. These sound like negatives, but it’s really just a matter of perspective. In my eyes, she’s stumbled, but ultimately, she’s lived. How many of us can really say we’ve cast aside our prejudices and worries in favor of experiencing the moments as they come?

Hope you enjoyed part one of our latest installation on characters! Follow us to find out who the next character will be!

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