Reading Success with MollietheReader

What time is it? You guessed it! Time for part three of our “Life as a Blogger” series! This week features Mollie Clyne of MollietheReader. The seventeen year old Aussie has been actively reviewing novels since 2014. Here, we discuss her book personality as well as advice for aspiring bloggers!
1) Favorite Book Character?
I have many but I think the one that will always have a special place in my heart is Katniss from the Hunger Games, her courage, independence and bravery inspires me.
2) Most important habits for success:
I think the main thing is to never give up, if you believe you can do it and never give up, there’s a high chance you will succeed!
3) What book resonates the most with you right now?
Probably Girl Online, the main character Penny just really connected with me and her anxiety and blogging really resonated myself.
4) Why you started your blog:
I always loved to review books but I was never really good at IT until I did it in school. I really wanted to reach out to readers and just connect with them books they would like and just talk books more I guess.
5) Advice you have for aspiring reviewers?
Go for it! Don’t hesitate and don’t be scared of rejection because there’s a chance if you try again another time you’ll get it! And have fun!
A passion for literature seems to be the most prevalent concept throughout this series, so remember- live by love and the rest will follow.
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