Omega ft. Zodiac

For those of you who find particular interest in the zodiac, you know the importance of understanding the various houses. Since we’re seeking to connect the Zodiac with our beloved “Omega” characters, we’ve decided to pair up the houses and characters below.



Before we begin, it is essential to understand that there are two wheels used for the signs. One is based on the sun’s annual rotation along the Earth. The other, the one we’re focusing on today, is based on the Earth’s 24 hour rotation. Each of these wheels have twelve houses, meant to represent different facets of human existence. As AstroLibrary relays, “The houses are WHERE these energies are most likely to manifest. The houses are the fields of experience, not the experience themselves.”


Without further ado, here are the houses:

  1. House of Self: This house is typically ruled by Mars and associated with the Aries. Mars in the first house can mean an array of things, but mostly points towards stubbornness and impulsiveness. In alignment with Alessandra’s personality, the strong will and ambition present in this house must be kept in check, lest they bring demise.
  2. House of Finance: Typically ruled by Venus and associated with the Taurus. Venus in Taurus indicates loyalty and focus on aesthetics. Appearances are incredibly important, and this could be both a good and bad thing, depending on your spending. Niko’s place in this house is less than shocking, seeing as how financial transactions rule his life.
  3. House of Communication: Ruled by Mercury and associated with the Gemini. Mercury’s association with Gemini suggests a strong focus on curiosity and versatility. Understanding and learning about others through literature, conversation, and travel is incredibly important to understanding one’s self. Herakles is a well-educated individual- in many realms, and he seeks to share this knowledge with Alessandra.
  4. House of Home: Ruled by the Moon and associated with the Cancer. When the moon is in the fourth house, you may find yourself trying hard to hold onto memories of the past. As kind and caring as she is, it only makes sense for Althea to inhabit this house.
  5. House of Creativity and Pleasure: Ruled by the sun, and associated with the Leo. As expected, the sun’s presence in this house fuels a passion for creativity and pleasure. It is important to note, that while this passion is inspirational, it is also powerful, and must be well-directed, lest it become destructive. While Leandra may rub people the wrong way, she’s also an incredibly loyal friend, who takes pleasure in the little things.
  6. House of Labor: Ruled by Mercury and associated with the Virgo. When Mercury aligns with Virgo, there is a clear emphasis on analysis, perfectionism, and precision. It is important to note that practicality reigns this sector. Lantos’ power and prestige came through his hard work, and as a reminder of this sacrifice, he inhabits the House of Labor.
  7. House of Partners: Ruled by Venus and associated with the Libra. Harmony is incredibly important with the alignment of Venus and Libra. If in this house, you shouldn’t dwell upon emotional or difficult experiences. Compromise is a key word. Theodosia is all about maintaining the peace between the Gods and the humans, but if her practical ways fail, she’s willing to get her hands dirty.
  8. House of Entities Owned by a Relationship: Ruled by Pluto and associated with the Scorpio. A sense of purpose can be found when Pluto resides in its natural house, here.  Power is a key word here. Owned by both his relationship with his gargoyle self and Alessandra, Adonis is the epitome of an entity ruled by a relationship. No move is made without keeping those two pairings in mind.
  9. House of Spirituality, Philosophy, and Ethics: Ruled by Jupiter and associated with the Sagittarius. Altruism is an influential factor when Jupiter and Sagittarius are paired. Rationalization, extravagance, and abstraction are key words. Despite his disheveled demeanor, Mismatch makes the most insightful and important revelations throughout the novel, thus earning his place in this house.
  10. House of Prestige: Ruled by Saturn and associated with the Capricorn. The pairing of these two factions reflects an understanding that hard work yields reward. However, this discipline and ambition may make it difficult to balance work and play. Driven by a desire to succeed, Cleon wholeheartedly embraces this house. He is a reminder of the delicate balance between ambition and greed.
  11. House of Community: Ruled by Uranus and associated with the Aquarius. As its natural home, Uranus has its strongest power here. Key characteristics? Independence, friendliness, but also emotional detachment. Kept cognizant by Alessandra and her need to unite the community, Mrs. Nettles serves as a key character in this house. Some might mistake her silence for emotional detachment, but that’s just because they can’t hear her.
  12. House of the Subconscious: Ruled by Neptune and associated with the Pisces. Ruler of the subconscious Pisces, and ruler of the unseen, Neptune work hand in hand in this house. It becomes hard to disconnect from intrinsic purposes in this realm. Specifically in 2015, now that Neptune has returned to its rightful house. Unable to speak due to extenuating circumstances, Phoibe became the queen of the subconscious. Her silence doesn’t taken away from her ability to dream… or scheme.

Stay tuned for the changing of the houses, and let us know what you think about our zodiac series by following us below!

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