10 signs that you’re the Mismatch of your friend group

We’re back with Part Two of our Identity Series… Will you find some commonalities with Mismatch? Read more to find out!

10 Signs that you’re the Mismatch of your friend group

  1. Some might say you’re a little… intense.

Whether it be your looks, your mannerisms, or your general demeanor, your presence demands attention. People might find you intimidating at times, but your friends know that you always have their best interest in mind.

  1. When your friends are in trouble, you’re the first person they call.

Intense? Yes. Broody? Sometimes. Reliable? Always. You may not be able to fly, but your friends can always count on you to whisk them away when the going gets tough.

  1. You’re not afraid to be blunt

Sure, you don’t mind rescuing your friends every once in a while, but you know when to draw the line. You assist, not coddle. So in a way, you’re really just a multi-faceted hero. De nada.

  1. You have an unexpected side…

Sure, not all of us have the ability to transform into a mythological creature come nightfall, but what you lack in physical transformation, you make up for in personality. Am I insinuating a split personality? OF COURSE NOT. Simply put, you may come on strong, but your heart is where it’s really at.

  1. You’re old fashioned.

You know how you like things done, and that’s the traditional way. This doesn’t mean you’re unwilling to bend given the circumstances, only that you’re confident in your answers.

  1. Love…it can be complicated.

You’re either in a deeply committed relationship, or experiencing a bout of solitude. Either way, you live in extremes.

  1. You’re incredibly sarcastic

Sure, sometimes people might get offended. But who wants to be friends with people without a sense of humor anyway?

  1. Your friendships have unconventional beginnings

We’ve all been there: former nemesis turned best friend, lover turned confidante, stuffed animal turned counselor… Okay, so maybe not the latter, but you get the point. Beginnings aside, you know that it’s the actual content that matters.

  1. You’re a hardworking, but patient individual.

Lots of people say they’re results-driven, but you put in the work to make that possible.

Whether it be on a tough project at school, or a faltering relationship, you’re willing to wait for results- but not without putting some time in first.

  1. You’re stunning.

Your looks turn heads, but your personality is what keeps them around.

Every friend group needs their fighter, and that’s you! 10/10 on providing some much needed diversity.

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