10 signs you’re the Phoibe of your friend group

One of the most rewarding aspects of reading, is the idea of a temporary escape. Whether you’re working or in school, we all experience moments where we need a break. Reading has the power to take us to different worlds, and emerge as changed individuals. However, as magical as reading can be, it can’t replicate the true joy that comes from spending time with your friends. In “Omega”, our heroine Alessandra learns the importance of curating her friend group. They say that the five most important people in your life can dictate who you are as an individual. That being said, we’d like to express that the best kinds of friend groups, are diverse friend groups.

As amazing as it is to share your thoughts and experiences with like-minded individuals, it’s also important to have people in your life who can offer different perspectives. Without further ado, here’s part one of our Identity series.

10 signs that you’re the Phoibe of your friend group:

Phoibe, #3, Omega Beginnings Miniseries

Phoibe, #3, Omega Beginnings Miniseries

1. Your actions speak louder than your words.

Sure, your silence might not be quite as literal as Phoibe’s, but that doesn’t take away from the power of your persona. In this era of oversharing, you only share the essential. People are great at making promises, but you’re a rare breed that specializes in keeping them.

2. While everyone else is crumpling under pressure, it only makes you stronger.

Although your typically chill personality might suggest otherwise, fear awakens something bold inside of you. Your level-headedness and courage allow you to navigate even the toughest of circumstances, whether it be the death of a loved one, cruel antagonists, or even a complicated relationship. A friend like you is surely a cornerstone.


3. People often get the wrong impression. 

Sometimes your silence may be mistaken for arrogance, but you know, and your friends know, that you’re just not a talker. You’re careful about who your share your life with, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

4. You would do anything for your family.

Phoibe’s family is under attack, and she does everything she can to keep them safe- including not speaking. Your loyalty to your family might not be quite as dramatic, but it surely would be if it came down to it. Despite your crazy schedule, you always make time for your family, and never cease to demonstrate how much you care about them.

5. Your style is impeccable.

Who’s on point? You are. Every. Single. Day. Who cares if you’re not actually royal? That’s not going to stop you from dressing like you are! Here’s where that cool and collected aspect of your personality comes into play.

6. You’re so close to your best friends that you’ve got a strong line of unspoken communication.

Who needs words when you can share a few well placed eye rolls? Or meaningful looks. Whichever is more your speed.

7. When you love, you love deeply.

We’re constantly fed romantic descriptions about a love that stands the test of time, but how many of us are actually willing to put in the work? Despite common misconception, love isn’t easy. It’s not all warm hugs and candy hearts. Sometimes it’s late nights and petty arguments. The tough times can break the weak, but you don’t give up. You understand that circumstances can change people, and you’re willing to go with the flow.

8. Although you love deeply, you also know when to let go.

Loving someone deeply means putting up with disagreements, and learning to compromise. It’s not about you, it’s not about them. It’s about the concept of an us. What it doesn’t mean, is letting them treat you like dirt. You know that strength can come from love, but you also know that sometimes there’s a greater strength in letting go, and facing the unknown. Your courage transcends your fear.

9. You’re strategic.

You consider all possible outcomes before seeking a result. This is particularly useful when dealing with your hotheaded friends. You’re able to explain different perspectives to them, and help them seek a designated result. Without you, they’d be making rash decisions.

10. You’re unique, but humble.

You possess a very special skill set that allows you to stand out from the crowd. You embrace your difference, but don’t brag. You add a much needed spunk to your friend group, and for that, you’ll always have their respect.

You do you, because you’re changing lives, one friend at a time.

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