13 stages of reading “Omega”

1. Ooh a new book, I’m so excited!


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Ordered this baby online, can’t wait to receive it. Just when I was beginning to slip into postpartum depression from exhausting my Netflix queue … Omega saved the day! #bless  #thecountdownbegins

2. It’s here! And.. wow, this is thicker than I expected…


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For someone who finishes her novels in a month, Lizzy still doesn’t skimp on quantity. Or quality. Basically she’s #goals.

Nonetheless… challenge accepted. *rolls up sleeves*

3. Okay, time to get started.


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Low key have my own reading set up… Tea? check. Snacks? check. Fangirl mode? Double check.

4. Almost this entire description of Alessandra is me…


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Lives in yoga pants and athletic retire? Can’t win with makeup? #relatable

5. Whoa, Alessandra’s a bad ass but she doesn’t even know it?


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Student by day, and wilderness explorer by night. Casual. There’s something about books with female protagonists that makes you question how it’s even possible for them to be oblivious to their own talents. Almost makes you question if you’re overlooking your own.

6. Ohmygod, I’m getting really emotionally invested.


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You’re not even a third of the way into the book and you’re already Team Lys. You know which characters you do and don’t like, and hope Lys feels the same. Also, you start talking to the book like they can hear you. Or maybe that’s just me…

7. Lying  about having plans so you can stay in and finish reading

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All your friends are going to the pool, and you’re pretending to do assigned reading to a) avoid melting in the sun b) keep reading c) avoid melting in the sun d) definitely finish reading

8. This was definitely worth staying in for


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Who says you can’t make a good decision on a whim? All you can think is that you’ve #nailedit

9. Having all of the feels


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This is the break off point. Who do you want Lys to choose? Who would you choose? So many questions. So many misunderstandings. So many unspoken emotions. So many hot male characters.

10. Thank God for an emotional break..  oh wait, NO LYS WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!



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Me rn.

It’s just one big emotional journey. First you were #TeamHerakles. Then you were #TeamMismatch. Then you realized you were living a lie. Now you’re just a mess.

11. Edge of your seat anticipation.. 

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He did what? Oh my gods what is she going to choose?

12. That was a plot twist, FOR SURE. 

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I can’t wait to see what happens next.. but I have to wait a whole year? Ugh. I NEED TO KNOW.

13. What do I do now?

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You laughed, you cried, you fangirled/boyed your heart out. Either way your life has been changed and you don’t know what it means. Now what?


“Omega” is set to be released on October 26th in both paperback and ebook.

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